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COMPARATIVE TEXUAL ANALYSIS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Similar TEXUAL ANALYSIS - Essay Example This paper thoroughly analyzes Mother Tongue by Amy Tan and The Misery of Silence by Maxine Kingston as far as methods and the utilization of complex gadgets that incorporate redundancy, humor, representation, incongruity, back shadowing, narrating, portrayal, analogies, setting and generalization. Amy Tan has utilized numerous explanatory gadgets to underscore the principle subject of her story, which are social contrasts. First she utilizes redundancy and this can be seen where she says, â€Å"And I use them all-all the Englishes I grew up with†¦Recently, I was made acutely mindful of the various Englishes I do utilize (Tan 78). This accentuates the point that the English utilized by her mom and the English utilized by local people are various ones. This shows the social contrasts among migrants and local people. Direct discourse, genuine tone, The other logical gadget is embodiment. This is plainly found in the expression, â€Å"the crossing point of memory upon imagination † (Tan 79). This again stresses the distinctive English she talks, one that is local and the other broken, as utilized by her mom. Amy Tan likewise utilizes tales, for example, â€Å"At this point in the story† (from passage five and on) (Tan 77). This is utilized to pull the consideration of the peruser and keep up it as she clarifies the distinction of the impacts of the dialects she is presented to. Both Mother Tongue by Amy Tan and The Misery of Silence by Maxine Kingston have utilized funniness that comes through language. In Mother Tongue, Amy Tan’s mother talks in broken English since she doesn't comprehend the entire English language since she is an outsider. Tan’s mother talks unreservedly in light of the fact that she believes that her English is acceptable. Be that as it may, when she understands that her English isn't acceptable she lets her little girl do the chatting on the telephone rather than her. This is funny. The Misery of Silence prese nts Maxine’s trouble in communicating in English when she moved to America. In the initial three years in America, she didn't talk by any stretch of the imagination. The funniness is plainly brought out when Maxine and her sister recounted the exercise before the class. They discussed as though they needed to cry yet went on until they completed the recitation (Kingston 209). Maxine Kingston likewise utilizes a few logical gadgets. In the first place, Kingston has utilized back shadowing. For instance, this is seen where she begins the portrayal and she says, â€Å"When I went to kindergarten and needed to communicate in English just because, I became silent† (Kingston 208). This causes her to portray her story and help the peruser comprehend the encounters she experienced when she was a youngster. The back-shadowing enables the crowd to relate to the encounters that she went through. Maxine additionally utilizes generalization where she says, â€Å"My quiet was thick est - complete - during the three years that I secured my school compositions with dark paint† (Kingston 209). She typifies the quietness to cause the crowd to feel the quality that the quiet had and its degree. Maxine likewise utilizes direct discourse in the story. This is seen where she incorporates her father’s reaction to the photos, by saying, â€Å"The guardians and educators of hoodlums were executed†, said my dad. This demonstrates the degree to which she was tricky both to instructors and to guardians. Maxine has additionally utilized a metaphor where she says, â€Å"was a pendant toe mark, as security fencing, on the map† (Kingston 209). This is intended to underline the way that the Japanese children were presumptuous. In primary language, Amy Tan

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Organized Crime

Presentation John Gotti was conceived on October 27, 1940. Until his demise while carrying out a jail punishment, he was the adoptive parent of the amazing wrongdoing group family; the Gambino family.Advertising We will compose a custom exposition test on Organized Crime †John Gotti’s Analyze explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More He was named â€Å"The Teflon Don†, due to his creativity in deceiving America’s law masters and beating examiners in watertight cases. He had a predominant character, was hot tempered and his availability to battle made him the pioneer of a neighborhood group. He was imprisoned without precedent for 1968 for capturing trucks and got out in 1972 turning into the correct hand-man to Carlo Gambino. He executed James McBratney who had grabbed and slaughtered Gambino’s child subsequently improving his status in the mafia. He later prevailing to the seat of the Gambino family after the passing of Carlo Gambino. He was nicknamed The Dapper Don because of his careful appearance and cutting an open picture with brave exercises (BBC, 2002; Mustain and Capeci, 2002). Hypotheses Edwin Sunderland Edwin Sunderland built up the differential affiliation hypothesis in criminology which grasps human science in examining wrongdoing. He declared that wrongdoing is a conduct that is found out by interfacing with family, peers or potentially affiliations. By partner with them, individuals learn various methods of wrongdoing, wrongdoing thought processes and explicit justification in wrongdoing. The hypothesis clarifies purposes behind an individual’s freak conduct. Sunderland stated that an individual’s culpability will rely upon the various affiliations that treat wrongdoing as either positive or negative with the end goal that when good aberrance beat negative partners, wrongdoing ways are opened. He further suggested that the affiliations shift in quality by length, recurrence, power and ne ed; he presumes that if an individual has prior affiliations, wrongdoing will have more noteworthy impact on such an individual (Vandelay, 2010). Robert Merton Robert Merton built up the strain hypothesis additionally called the anomie hypothesis. It has been acclaimed as one of the most persuasive sociological aberrance attestation. As indicated by Merton (n.d.), there is no internal drive for wrongdoing nor is wrongdoing of a solitary individual yet rather wrongdoing and aberrance are typical angles in our general public. He further contends that wrongdoing is a prerequisite in our general public for the general public to accomplish social advance and create solidarity.Advertising Looking for exposition on criminology? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More According to him, the social structure in our general public is the thing that brings forth wrongdoing. He contends that the American social structure and its structure of riche s dispersion and that fantasy about accomplishing the ‘American dream’ all expect wrongdoing to keep up social dependability despite basic disparity. He contends that the standard of accomplishing the American dream is through fiscal steadiness through difficult work in school and afterward in the financial life, yet in addition there is a profound respect for such degenerate conduct like that of a looter nobleman who disrupts all the norms in the book however makes progress; through the freak implies. In this way he infers that in our social orders particularly by American measures, achievement is appreciated more than how it was picked up. Achievement is along these lines accentuated more than the endorsed methods for making that progress (Merton, n.d.). Investigating Gotti in the Light of the Above Theories Analyzing Gotti’s crimes by utilizing the over two criminal speculations, we locate that both apply here and there or the other. We are informed that that Gotti began his crimes as a little youngster of 12 years. By connecting with his friends at that youthful age, he had the option to be their pioneer and couldn't remain wrongdoing free. He later appreciated the Gambino family pack and by his relationship with them, he realized that by carrying out increasingly genuine violations he could ascend in positioning. He had more prominent impact in his crimes by prudence of his prior relationship in wrongdoing (Smith, 2010). The second hypothesis above by Sunderland likewise describes Gotti’s abnormality stay in wrongdoing in spite of the fact that it isn't the correct standard to accomplishing the American dream however with everything taken into account, who minds as long as he has accomplished it; by being wealthy in money related worth. Individuals respected his prosperity notwithstanding the methods, he was the manager of ‘a new York City Gambino Crime Family and he was later to turn into the most impressive wrongdoing su pervisor of his time. He had a blunt character and used to wearing costly apparel procuring him the name â€Å"The Dapper Don’.Advertising We will compose a custom article test on Organized Crime †John Gotti’s Analyze explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More This is a real existence most American consider â€Å"the American Dream’ and by any norms Gotti had accomplished it regardless of the methods. This appears to be utilized to keep him tight in wrongdoing and hotshot that in spite of how he accomplishes his American dream, he despite everything lived enormous (Smith, 2010). Sorts of Criminals Gangs Criminal Gangs, Cultural Gangs and Entrepreneurial Gangs A sociological educator at New York University Jerome Skolnick has distinguished two kinds of groups of thugs; neighborhood based posses (social packs) and pioneering packs. Social packs are the customary turf arranged situated in the area and associated with various violations. Enterpris ing groups do exist deliberately to pick up riches by crimes like that of offer of illicit medications, producing and additionally circulating such medications (smith, 2010) Gangster Disciple Gangster Disciple is a pack situated in an area in Chicago. They have one significant social foundation and in spite of the way that they have extended their tasks into different places outside Chicago, they have their underlying foundations despite everything situated in the Chicago neighborhood. They are along these lines arranged under social groups (Smith, 2010). End Criminal exercises take numerous structures. There are numerous speculations which clarify how crimes and how each is applied will rely upon various conditions. References BBC. (2002). John Gotti: The Teflon Don. BBC News. Recovered from there/americas/1370984.stm Merton, R. (n.d.). Robert Merton: Anomie Theory. Recovered from Must ain, G and Capeci, J. (2002). Horde star: the tale of John Gotti. New York, NY: Alpha.Advertising Searching for article on criminology? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More Smith, N. (2010). Skolnick’s Gang Types. Web. Vandelay, A. (2010). Edwin Sutherland’s Differential Association Theory of Criminology. Related substance. Web. This exposition on Organized Crime †John Gotti’s Analyze was composed and presented by client Larry Nielsen to help you with your own examinations. You are allowed to utilize it for research and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; in any case, you should refer to it in like manner. You can give your paper here.

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Why Tough Teachers Get Good Results Free Essays

string(182) five ears watching 31 of the most profoundly compelling educators (measured by understudy test scores) in the most noticeably awful schools of Los Angeles, in neighborhoods like South Central and Watts. I had an instructor once who called his understudies â€Å"idiots† when they messed up. He was our ensemble conductor, a savage Ukrainian outsider named Jerry Kupchynsky, and when somebody happened of tune, he would stop the whole gathering to holler, â€Å"Who eez hard of hearing in first violins!? † He caused us to practice until our fingers nearly drained. He amended our wayward hands and arms by jabbing at us with a pencil. We will compose a custom paper test on Why Tough Teachers Get Good Results or on the other hand any comparable point just for you Request Now Today, he’d be terminated. In any case, when he passed on a couple of years prior, he was observed: Forty years’ worth of ormer understudies and associates flew back to my New Jersey old neighborhood from each edge of the nation, old instruments close behind, to play a show in his memory. I was among them, toting my since a long time ago dismissed viola. At the point when the drape rose on our show that day, we had framed an ensemble symphony the size of the New York Philharmonic. I was shocked by the overflowing for the rough old instructor we knew as Mr. K. Yet, I was similarly struck by the achievement of his previous understudies. Some were performers, however most had separated themselves in different fields, similar to law, the scholarly community and medication. Research reveals to us that there is a positive connection between's music training and scholastic accomplishment. In any case, that by itself didn’t clarify the remiss flood of appreciation for an instructor who fundamentally tormented us through puberty. We’re amidst a national flood of self-recrimination over the U. S. training framework. Consistently there is hand-wringing over our understudies falling behind the remainder of the world. Fifteen-year-olds in the U. S. rail understudies in 12 different countries in science and 17 in math, bested by their partners in Asia as well as in Finland, Estonia and the Netherlands, as well. A whole industry of books and experts has grown up that benefits from our aggregate dread that American training is insufficient and asks what American teachers are fouling up. I would pose an alternate inq uiry. What did Mr. K do right? What would we be able to gain from an instructor whose techniques go against all that we think we think about training today, yet who was certainly viable? For reasons unknown, a considerable amount. Contrasting Mr. K’s strategies with the most recent discoveries in fields from music to math to medication prompts a solitary, surprising end: It’s time to resuscitate antiquated instruction. Traditional as well as antiquated as in such huge numbers of us knew as children, with severe order and steadfast requests. gripe if an educator called my children names. Be that as it may, the most recent proof backs up my unobtrusive proposition. Studies have now appeared, in addition to other things, the advantages of moderate youth stress; how commendation slaughters kids’ confidence; and why coarseness is a superior indicator of accomplishment than SAT scores. All of which goes against the kinder, gentler way of thinking that has ruled American training in the course of recent decades. The standard way of thinking holds that educators should coax nowledge out of understudies, as opposed to pound it into their heads. Tasks and community oriented learning are extolled; customary techniques like addressing and memorization†derided as â€Å"drill and kill†Ã¢â‚¬ are disapproved of, excused as a surefire approach to suck youthful personalities dry of innovativeness and inspiration. In any case, the standard way of thinking isn't right. What's more, the accompanying eight principles†a pronouncement maybe, a call to war motivated by my old instructor and buttressed by new research†explain why. 1. A little agony is beneficial for you. Therapist K. Anders Ericsson picked up distinction for his exploration demonstrating that genuine xpertise requires around 10,000 hours of training, an idea promoted by Malcolm Gladwell in his book â€Å"Outliers. † But a regularly ignored finding from a similar report is similarly significant: True skill requires educators who give â€Å"constructive, even excruciating, feedback,† as Dr. Ericsson put it in a 2007 Harvard Business Review article. He surveyed investigate on top entertainers in fields extending from violin execution to medical procedure to PC programming to chess. Furthermore, he found that every one of them â€Å"deliberately picked unsentimental mentors who might challenge them and drive them to more significant levels of execution. † 2. Drill, child, drill. Repetition learning, since quite a while ago ruined, is presently perceived as one explanation that kids whose families originate from India (where retention is still prized) are creaming their companions in the National Spelling Bee Championship. This social distinction additionally assists with clarifying why understudies in China (and Chinese families in the U. S. ) are better at math. In the mean time, American understudies battle with complex math issues in light of the fact that, as research makes liberally clear, they need familiarity with fundamental expansion and subtraction†and not many of them were made to retain their occasions tables. William Klemm of Texas A;M University contends that the U. S. requirements to switch the predisposition gainst retention. Indeed, even the U. S. Division of Education raised alerts, chiding American schools in a 2008 report that moaned about the absence of math familiarity (a thought it referenced no less than multiple times). It reasoned that schools need to grasp the feared â€Å"drill and practice. † 3. Disappointment is an alternative. Children who comprehend that disappointment is an important part of adapting really perform better. In a recent report, 111 French 6th graders were given re-arranged word issues that were unreasonably hard for them to explain. One gathering was then informed that disappointment and attempting again are a piece of the learning procedure. On ensuing tests, those youngsters onsistently outflanked their companions. The dread, obviously is that disappointment will Bowling Green State University graduate understudy followed 31 Ohio band understudies who were required to try out for situation and found that even understudies who put most minimal â€Å"did not decline in their inspiration and confidence in the long haul. † The investigation inferred that instructors need â€Å"not be as worried about the negative effects† of picking victors and washouts. 4. Exacting is superior to decent. What makes an educator effective? To discover, beginning in 2005 a group of scientists drove by Claremont Graduate University training educator Mary Poplin burned through five ears watching 31 of the most exceptionally compelling instructors (estimated by understudy test scores) in the most exceedingly awful schools of Los Angeles, in neighborhoods like South Central and Watts. You read Why Tough Teachers Get Good Results in class Papers Their No. 1 discovering: â€Å"They were strict,† she says. â€Å"None of us anticipated that. † The scientists had accepted that the best instructors would lead understudies to information through shared learning and conversation. Rather, they discovered taskmasters who depended on customary techniques for unequivocal guidance, similar to addresses. The center conviction of these educators was, ‘Every understudy in my room is failing to meet expectations ased on their latent capacity, and it’s my Job to take care of it†and I can take care of it,'â₠¬  says Prof. Poplin. She revealed her discoveries in a long scholarly paper. In any case, she says that a fourth-grader summed up her decisions considerably more briefly along these lines: â€Å"When I was in first grade and second grade and third grade, when I cried my educators indulged me. At the point when I got to Mrs. T’s room, she advised me to suck it up and get the opportunity to work. I think she’s right. I have to work more diligently. 5. Inventiveness can be educated. The rap on conventional training is that it executes children’s’ imagination. However, Temple University brain science teacher Robert W. Weisberg’s look into recommends Just the inverse. Prof. Weisberg has considered innovative prodigies including Thomas Edison, Frank Lloyd Wright and Picasso†and has inferred that there is nothing of the sort as a conceived virtuoso. Most imaginative goliaths buckle down and, through a progression of steady advances, accomplish things that appear (to the outside world) like revelations and forward leaps. Prof . Weisberg investigated Picasso’s 1937 gem Guernica, for example, which was painted after the Spanish city was shelled by the Germans. The work of art is viewed as a new and unique idea, however Prof. Weisberg found rather cap it was firmly identified with a few of Picasso’s prior works and drew upon his investigation of compositions by Goya and afterward predominant Communist Party symbolism. The primary concern, Prof. Weisberg let me know, is that innovativeness returns from numerous points of view to the rudiments. â€Å"You need to submerge yourself in a control before you make in that discipline. It is based on an establishment of learning the order, which is the thing that your music educator was expecting of you. † 6. Coarseness bests ability. As of late, University of Pennsylvania brain research educator Angela Duckworth has considered spelling honey bee champs, IVO’ League students and cadets at the U. S. Military Academy in West Point, N. Y. †all together, more than 2,800 subjects. In every one of them, she found that grit†defined as energy and determination for long haul goals†is the corresponded with ability. Close Arthur Montzka Tough on the platform, Mr. Kwas constantly grateful when he sat in the crowd. Above, praising his understudies in the mid-1970s. Prof. Duckworth, who began her vocation as a government funded school math educator and Just won a 2013 MacArthur â€Å"genius grant,† built up a â€Å"Grit Scale† that requests that individuals rate themselves on twelve explanations, as â€Å"l finish whatever I begin† and â€Å"l become intrigued by new interests not many months. † When she applied the scale to approaching West Point

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Essay about Latin jazz orchestra - 935 Words

If I were to use one word to describe the â€Å"Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra† that word would be astonishing. At first, hearing that I was required to attend a Jazz concert I was completely turned off. I am very closed minded and automatically thought to myself that the kind of music would be dreadful. That is not the case anymore. This genre of music is amusing and very pleasing to the ears. The band members are some of the most talented musicians that I ever saw or heard. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Standing room tickets were sold out when we arrived at Mc Carter Theater. For ten dollars we purchased box seats right near the stage. My friend Kevin and I were thrilled with our seats which allowed the beat view of the whole stage. The theater†¦show more content†¦They would then stand up and take a bow. The female member, Erica von Kleist, was very good at the alto saxophone. I also liked Mario Rivera who played the tenor saxophone. The soloists’ that would perform during each song would stand when it was time for there solo. My favorite song of the night was entitled â€Å"Wild Jungle†. Before the song Arturo gave us a brief introduction on what to expect. He mentioned a saxophone duo solo between Mario Rivera and one of his fellow band members that he taught. Arturo referred to the solo as â€Å"the master vs. the apprentice.† When the solo began my jaw dropped. It was so fast and lovely to listen too. Both musicians went ba ck and forth playing. I could not tell who was a better saxophone player. Mario Rivera must have taught his student really well because they were both remarkable. In this song there was also a bongo solo that really caught my attention. The musician played so fast and kept a perfect beat. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;Another song that I enjoyed was entitled â€Å"Humility†. There was also some mild humor in the introduction to this song. The trumpet soloist took off Mario Rivera’s jacket and put it on creating laughter when Arturo said it’s a good look for him. I too found his outfit rather funny. He was wearing leather pants, and chain wallet, and a nice button down shirt. He stood in the front of the stage for about 3 minutes until itShow MoreRelatedEssay on Louis Armstrong: The King of JAzz928 Words   |  4 PagesLouis Armstrong: The King of JAzz Known as the King of Jazz, Louis â€Å"Stachmo† Armstrong was one of the most important figures in early jazz. He was said to have defined jazz music. Only Charlie Parker comes close to having as much influence on jazz as Louis Armstrong. Armstrong was born on July 4, 1900 in New Orleans. He grew up singing on the streets of New Orleans at a young age and had a troubled childhood. At the age of twelve he was placed in the Waif’s Home For Boys for firingRead MoreMusic Experience At The Miami University Jazz Essay1446 Words   |  6 Pagesculture, the music can be likened to a BLT sandwich without bacon, for no matter how skillfully prepared, it lacks an integral part of itself, and cannot possibly be whole. This is exactly the phenomenon I observed when I attended the Miami University Jazz Ensemble’s concert for my ethnographic research. This phenomenon is evident in the way the musicians interacted with one another and their audience, the demographic of the audience, and the manner in which the show flowed. Before attending the concertRead MoreBand Program Essay1166 Words   |  5 Pagesfor the students that are considering a career in Music This is an extra-curricular course for students looking to pursue music in college. †¢ Jazz Ensemble and Jazz Orchestra - Jazz Ensemble is a great way to get students interested in another art form aside from classical music. Students are still required to be a part of a concert band, but having Jazz bands allows another avenue for student engagement. This is an extra-curricular course for students looking to develop new musical skills. †¢ ChamberRead MoreEssay Stan Kenton2584 Words   |  11 PagesStan Kenton: Progressive Concepts in Jazz Stanley Newcomb Kenton is one of the most influential figures to be found in all of jazz history, even being called the most significant figure of the Modern Jazz age by Frank Sinatra (Agostinelli, 6). Kentons progressive concepts of how music is written and performed greatly affected the genre of jazz, and created something new and unique. Always under controversy, Kenton and his band always strove to do something different, never settling into a nicheRead MoreHow Latin Musicians Have Influenced The Global Sound of Music1926 Words   |  8 Pagesthe Jazz musician, composer, arranger and cultural icon, is known, variously as â€Å"king of timbales and mambo†, â€Å"sultan of salsa†, and most famously as El Ray - the King - of Latin Music. His Latin identity is often emphasized in a way that is somewhat unusual for Jazz musicians. Indeed, Ella Fitzgerald, or more recently, Diana Krall, do not have their cultural backgrounds so heavily stressed. Perhaps the emphasis on c ulture stems from the fact that Puente is Latin Music’s most prominent Jazz musicianRead MoreFranco and TPOK Jazz Essay1241 Words   |  5 Pagestraditions, Congolese rumba. 1953-1979 charts Franco’s progression from hotshot Afro-Cuban guitarist to a master bandleader. 1980-1989 features fluid guitar work and the distinctive fully mature rumba sound of TPOK Jazz (Tout Puissant Orchestra Kinois or all-powerful Kinshanan Orchestra). Both collections include a 48-page booklet filled with photos, recording notes, translations, and biography. Compiler Ken Braun distilled Franco’s vast catalogue down to twenty-eight essential tracks on the firstRead MoreWhat I Attended A Concert1398 Words   |  6 PagesNorthwest Jazz and Studio Jazz Ensembles perform. Both ensembles performed a variety of songs generally under the jazz genre, featuring artists studied in the course, including Duke Ellington, Count Basie and George Gershwin. Some of the songs performed by the ensembles included â€Å"La Almeja Pequena,† â€Å"Count Me In,† â€Å"Rockin’ In Rhythm,† and â€Å"I’ve Got a Crush on You.† Although there were many diverse styles played throughout the concert, many songs performed are from the Tin Pan Alley, jazz or swingRead MoreThe Legacy Of The Band By Paul Reed Smith Guitar Hall Of Fame1513 Words   |  7 PagesTo this day, at age 67 he is still credited with being the first to create music in which â€Å"uniquely blends Latin-infused rock, jazz, blues, salsa and African rhythms.† (Biography, 1) With a net worth of over 40 million dollars he can be described with many professional titles including singer, songwriter, but most widely known as a guitarist for his band Santana. Santana, described as a Latin Rock band was formed in 1966 in San Francisco, California. The band s success would be obvious to music loversRead More Jazz historiography779 Words   |  4 PagesThe rapid development of jazz in both the United States and Europe generated a number of diverse musical expressions, including musics that most listeners today would not recognize as â€Å"jazz† music . In order to remedy this situation, jazz musicians and critics after 1930 began to codify what â€Å"real† jazz encompassed, and more importantly, what â€Å"real† jazz did not encompass. This construction of authenticity, often demarcated along racial lines, served to relegate several artists and styles (those outsideRead MoreJazz and Classical Music1760 Words   |  8 PagesJazz and Classical Music Upon entering a modern record store, one is confronted with a wide variety of choices in recorded music. These choices not only include a multitude of artists, but also a wide diversity of music categories. These categories run the gamut from easy listening dance music to more complex art music. On the complex side of the scale are the categories known as Jazz and Classical music. Some of the most accomplished musicians of our time have devoted themselves to a life-long

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Learn How to Conjugate Sécher (to Dry) in French

Meaning to dry, the French verb  sà ©cher  will be a good addition to your vocabulary. In order to say she dried or we will dry, however, you will need to study its conjugations. That is the focus of this introductory French lesson. The Basic Conjugations of  Sà ©cher Sà ©cher  is a  stem-changing verb  and that does throw a wrench into the conjugations. However, it is relatively easy to handle when you know what to look for. Pay close attention to the indicative mood forms of  sà ©cher  and youll notice that sometimes the accented  Ãƒ ©Ã‚  changes to  Ãƒ ¨. This happens most often in the present tense and the future gives you an option between the two. Other than that,  sà ©cher  follows the conjugation rules of  any  regular -er  verb. You can use the same endings you know for words like  tomber  (to fall) and apply them here. To study these, simply find the conjugation that corresponds to both the subject pronoun and the tense of your sentence. This results in  je sà ¨che  for I am drying and  nous sà ©chiez  for we dried. Present Future Imperfect je sche scheraischerai schais tu sches scherasscheras schais il sche scheraschera schait nous schons scheronsscherons schions vous schez scherezscherez schiez ils schent scherontscheront schaient The Present Participle of  Sà ©cher The  present participle  of  sà ©cher  does not get the stem change. Instead, you will simply add -ant  to the stem to form  sà ©chant. Sà ©cher  in the Compound Past Tense Passà © composà ©Ã‚  is the French compound past tense. This is where youll use the  past participle  sà ©chà ©Ã‚  along with the help of an auxiliary verb. To form it, begin by conjugating  avoir  into the present tense, then add the past participle. This gives us  jai sà ©chà ©Ã‚  for I dried and  nous avons sà ©chà ©Ã‚  for we dried. More Simple Conjugations of  Sà ©cher You will need to pay attention to the stem change in these forms of  sà ©cher  as well, particularly in  the subjunctive, which calls the act of drying into question.  The conditional  gives you the choice between the two forms because it implies that something will only be dried in the future if certain conditions are met. There is no stem change in either  the passà © simple  or  the imperfect subjunctive, both of which are literary tenses. Subjunctive Conditional Pass Simple Imperfect Subjunctive je sche scheraisscherais schai schasse tu sches scheraisscherais schas schasses il sche scheraitscherait scha scht nous schions scherionsscherions schmes schassions vous schiez scheriezscheriez schtes schassiez ils schent scheraientscheraient schrent schassent For short sentences, you may use  sà ©cher  in  the imperative.  Beyond the stem change in the  tu  form, youll also need to remember that the subject pronoun is not required here. Imperative (tu)           sà ¨che​​ (nous)  Ã‚  sà ©chons​​ (vous)  Ã‚  sà ©chez

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Installation of ABC System at Super Bakery Inc - 949 Words

The ABCs of Doughnut Making: Super Bakery, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Franco Harris, former Pittsburgh Steelers running back. The company is a supplier of doughnuts enriched with minerals, vitamin, and protein as well other baked commodities to the primary school systems and institutional food market throughout the nation. Since its a virtual corporation, the core strategic functions of the business are carried out within the company. On the other hand, the other activities of Super Bakery, Inc. are outsourced to a network of external organizations. The business in turn organizes the work flow of and draws together the external companies in this process. This helps the company to add maximum value while making minimal investments in working capital, fixed assets, and permanent staff. The outsourcing to a network of other companies has enabled Super Bakery to increase its sales at average annual rate of 20 percent. Strategies Used By the Management of Super Bakery, Inc.: Based on the case, the management of Super Bakery, Inc. achieved success and profitability of the firm through two major ways. First, these executives only ensured that the only the core strategic functions of the organizations were conducted internally i.e. within the company. Secondly, other business functions like manufacturing, shipping, warehousing, and selling were outsourced to a network of external companies. The reason for the use of these two strategies was to minimize the expenditure rateShow MoreRelatedCost Accounting134556 Words   |  539 PagesContents Chapter 1 Cost Accounting: How Managers User Cost Accounting Information Chapter 15 Using Differential Analysis for Production Decisions Chapter 2 Cost Concepts and Behaviour Chapter 16 Managing Quality and Time Chapter 3 Cost System Design: An Overview Chapter 17 Planning and Budgeting Chapter 4 Job Costing Chapter 18 Flexible Budgeting and Performance Evaluation Chapter 5 Process Costing Chapter 19 Performance Evaluation: Cost Variances Chapter 6 SpoilageRead MoreMarketing Management 14th Edition Test Bank Kotler Test Bank173911 Words   |  696 Pagesrequirements are satisfied. A) Wants; needs B) Demands; wants C) Needs; wants D) Needs; demands E) Demands; needs Answer: C Page Ref: 9-10 Objective: 3 Difficulty: Easy 24) When Frank buys his own house, he would like to have a home theater system and a jacuzzi. He plans to save enough money in the next three years so that he can fulfill his wish. Franks desire for the home theater and the jacuzzi is an example of a(n) ________. A) need B) want C) demand D) unstated need E) latent demand Read MoreSwot Analysis25582 Words   |  103 Pagesextra, but only if the products come with the right look. It sounds like a good strategy but only a small percentage of consumers bought the Cafà © Series products just for the look. In reality the segment comprises 25- to 59-year-old consumers from the ABC socio-economic group. This segment is disenchanted with plastic appliances. While their purchases do represent socioeconomic aspiration, the latest fashion is less important than the benefits of long lasting, exceptionally performing appliances. OtherRead MoreMonsanto: Better Living Through Genetic Engineering96204 Words   |  385 Pagescommercial and social objectives C A S E N I N E From greenï ¬ eld to graduates: University of the Sunshine Coast C A S E T E N Whole Foods Market, 2005: Will there be enough organic food to satisfy the C A S E E L E V E N growing demand? Wal-Mart Stores Inc.: Dominating global retailing C A S E T W E L V E 14_Hanson_3ed_SB_3869_TXT.indd 441 8/29/07 1:09:33 PM 442 INTRODUCTION A SUMMARY OF THE CASE ANALYSIS PROCESS Case analysis is an essential part of a strategic management courseRead MoreOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesMcKeown 9 †¢ 2 Twentieth-Century Urbanization: In Search of an Urban Paradigm for an Urban World †¢ Howard Spodek 53 3 Women in the Twentieth-Century World Bonnie G. Smith 83 4 The Gendering of Human Rights in the International Systems of Law in the Twentieth Century †¢ Jean H. Quataert 116 5 The Impact of the Two World Wars in a Century of Violence †¢ John H. Morrow Jr. 161 6 Locating the United States in Twentieth-Century World History †¢ Carl J. Guarneri 213

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Strategy and Business Model Innovation (BMI) Australian firms

Question: Write a Report on Strategy and Business Model Innovation (BMI) for two Australian firms. Answer: First Key Idea- Strategy and its application to Coles Supermarkets The strategy is a key term used in the most of the business organizations for developing a framework to achieve the business objectives and targets by aligning the organizational vision, mission statement, goals, and value proposition with the organizational resources and core competences. The strategy directs the workforce for achieving the business objectives and targets by communicating the organizational vision, mission statement, values, goals, objectives and organizational practices with them. The strategy implementation is a sequence of strategic activities carried-out by the organization for managing the execution of the strategic plan. The strategic implementation is related to provide the firm a competitive advantage by maximizing the resource optimization, utilization, and management for the best organizational practices (IFM, 2015). The strategy influences resources, technologies, product development, and manufacturing operations for offering the unique and valued added products or services that create value to the customers. The strategy provides the firm a sustainable competitive edge by offering the reliable and effective customer service through offering the high-performing and exclusive quality of the products. Application of Brand Positioning strategy to Coles Supermarkets Coles Supermarkets Australia Pvt. Ltd. is the second largest retailing supermarket chains in Australia after Woolworth Supermarkets that is owned by the parent company, Wesfarmers. It was founded by George Coles in 1914 in Collingwood, Melbourne in Australia. It currently has 766 retailing supermarket stores at different locations across the Australian markets and has employed more than 1, 00,000 employees to operate both internal and external business operations. It is a retail subsidiary company that operates in business at different locations across the Australian markets with supermarkets stores as well as re-branded BI-LO supermarkets. The marketing strategy of Coles is aimed at attaining the sustainable competitive advantage by delivering the quality and valued retailing foods products and grocery items through its supermarkets stores (Low, 2016). The brand positioning is used by Coles as its marketing strategy to place itself among the top retailing brands in Australia. Coles brand positioning strategy is aimed at achieving the leading position in the Australian retailing supermarkets chain industry by beating the marketing strategy, product development, and technologies of its closest competitor, Woolworths. The brand positioning strategy includes the fresh and high-quality products, economic pricing strategy, centralized distribution through its supermarkets chains, effective marketing strategy and digital promotional campaigns, technological advancement and innovation, diversification of the service operations and highly integrated market research. The market research is based on analyzing and anticipating the current and future customers needs and demands and representing the specialized products for the targeted market segment (Australian Food News, 2015). It uses the public relationship campaigns, digital advertising ca mpaigns, social media marketing, and promotional sales tactics for maintaining its product positioning and market share in the Australian retail industry as well as developing good customer relationships by creating the high brand awareness and customer loyalty toward its products. Second Key Idea- Business Model innovation and its Application to Vocus Communications The business model innovation (BMI) is redesign or restructuring of the business operations, manufacturing processes, production technologies, and customer service operations for creating something new in order to deliver the value-added and high-end customer service through its supermarkets stores chains. The BMI puts significant changes and innovation to the existing business model for creating, capturing, and delivering values to the products and services. The BMI creates new path for the sustainable growth of the organization. The BMI creates the profitable ventures for Coles by revolutionizing its business operations through the modernization of the business operations, processes, and systems. The BMI is the combination of the strategic statements including organizational vision, mission, goals, values, strategies, core competences, and resource strengths for enhancing the brand image, competitive advantage, and value proposition of the firm in the relevant industry (Design Innovation, 2015). The BMI enhances the suitability, adaptability, survival, sustainability, and acceptability of the products and services to meet the growing market demands and diverse customers needs. The BMI is intended to deliver value to the customers by developing new concepts, and ideas to the existing products or service operations for determining the success of the business firms. The BMI improves the organizational strategic decision-making, value chain management operations, and customer service experiences. Application of BMI to Vocus Communication Limited Vocus Communication Limited is an Australian-based international telecommunication company that offers a range of services, such as mobile and unified communications, broadband services, and data network services, such as Internet, Ethernet, IP, Data Fibre, WAN, VOIP, and submarine data cable. It is a public limited company that is traded as ASX: VOC. It was founded in 2008 and has its business operations in Australia and New Zealand. Vocus owns and operates 18 data centers and an Onshore Network Operations Center (ONOC) for offering the data services to the customers across Australia and New Zealand. Vocus Communications Ltd. applies the BMI to its organization for incorporating changes and innovation to the organizational practices through the development of new ideas and engineering concepts to support the telecommunication technological operations (Hopkins, 2012). The BMI of Vocus Communications Ltd. includes organizational vision, mission statement, goals, values, strategies, core competences, and value proposition for enhancing the supply chain networks, value chain, resource maximization, and customer service experiences. The BMI of Vocus is based on cloud computing technology and Information and communication technologies (ICT) for providing the web-based technologies and range of telecommunication services. It uses the disruption model of innovation for ensuring the highly technological advancements through the use of ICT for offering the reliable, quality, high speed and flexible internet connectivity services at cheaply rates to the clients (Vocus Communications, 2017). The BMI model assists to improve the voice communication in the wholesale market for allowing the clients to capitalize on its significant network growth through the integration of Nextgen network infrastructure. Conclusion From the above discussions, it can be concluded that both key ideas of Business Model Innovation and Marketing strategy were developed for the firms representatively for attaining the competitive advantage in the relevant Australian markets. The BMI is used in the organization of Vocus Communications Ltd. for developing technological advancements and innovation in order to deliver effective customer service. The retailing branding positioning strategy of Coles provides the firm the competitive edge over the competitors in the Australian retailing industry. References Australian Food News (2015). Wesfarmers has Coles supermarket group growth plan strategy. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 26 April 2017). Design Innovation (2015). Using Business Model Innovation to Create New Paths to growth. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 26 April 2017). Hopkins, R. (2012). 7 Best practices for Business Model Innovation. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 26 April 2017). IFM (2015). Porters three Generic Strategies. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 26 April 2017). Low, C. (2016). Wesfarmers Fresh Strategy to Safeguard Coles Growth. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 26 April 2017). Shephyken (2015). SIX STRATEGIES TO COMPETE IN BUSINESS. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 26 April 2017). Vocus Communications (2017). Business Internet-You Get What You Pay For. [Online]. Available at: (Accessed: 26 April 2017).